About Us

The mission

Eco Atlas is inspired by linking an egalitarian Ecoverse with effective tools and resources, to aid participants with the experience needed to engage in the new economy that Eco is building.

Tools and educational resources that are designed to be accessible and to assist in retaining of what Eco has to offer, ensuring that the Ecoverse is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and degrees of skill.

The name

The "Eco Atlas" name is inspired by a journey of exploration in the Ecoverse, evocative to an experience that showcases the presence of Eco evolving over time.

The term "Atlas" typically conveys the idea of a comprehensive guide or map, it conjures the image of a resource that helps participants navigate and discover the various facets of Eco. It also suggests that as the network evolves and expands, it will be there to guide and inform, which aligns well with the notion of reflecting all the open possibilities within Eco.

The brand

Created to reflect the inclusivity and diversity of our existence in the Ecoverse, the brand brings technology and collaboration together.

It is inspired by Oikeiôsis, rooted in the word oikos which means household or house, and can be seen in modern English words like economics and ecology. It invokes the sense of being "at home", and by extension becoming "familiarized" with something.

Eco Atlas signifies the perception of something as one's own, as belonging to oneself—our present, past, and future finances. Once we can visualize, we can understand all the dynamics in play, and once we understand them, we can make the right financial decisions for ourselves, an actuating cause of our lives.

Concept used in the logomark. Top view of circles of influence, for perception is the origin of all appropriation (oikeiôsis).